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With a heavy heart, today is the day that we announce that lack of support from government has brought
The Shannon Venue’s efforts to deliver a Community, Civic & Creative Centre for the town to an end.

Since 2012, the group has endeavoured to make The Venue a reality in order to improve Shannon, the
living town. Shannon Town not only deserves this facility and focal point, but badly needs it. We have
presented to hundreds of people, committees, CEO’s, councillors, TD’s, Ministers and in January this year to An Taoiseach.

We have just learned that the latest of our funding applications to government (Urban Regeneration
Development Fund – ‘Category A’) has been unsuccessful. This, despite the fact that voluntary effort
backed by €0.85m funding commitments from Shannon businesses and the community, has delivered a
turnkey project. It is a ‘ready to go’ project with site secured, designed, full planning permission, detailed
business and financial plan in place. With Clare County Council’s intention to use part of the building for
municipal offices, this offered a real opportunity to build this much needed focal point for the town.

Instead of government funding to match real money and hard work from community and business, the
URDF ‘Category B’ announcement offers funding for a new masterplan. We just don’t get the idea of
funding for a new plan. This project arose from the complete lack of progress on delivery of the key piece
of the 2008 and 2012 masterplans for the town. We are effectively being told to wait for a third plan ten
years after the first one. Planning is not the issue. The problem is consistent failure to carry out the
actions required to turn public plans and policies into meaningful action for the people of Shannon.

We would like to acknowledge the involvement of two fantastic supporters in every sense of the word,
Mick Guinee and Paddy Purcell who have been with us in mind, body & spirit (not to mention funding)
every step of the way and leading the business community, yet again. Also, the financial support of local
companies Ei Electronics, Molex, Peach Recruitment & Tekelek who all helped get this project to ‘Shovel
Ready’ stage.

We also appreciate the support of the community who encouraged us from the beginning and willed us on over the years. Just think of the energy, enjoyment and excitement that people from all parts of the town experienced during the community and business led Shannon Festivals in 2016 and 2017. If we could do this with pop up facilities, imagine what the people of Shannon could do with a permanent venue.

Even though it’s the end of our journey, hopefully other groups will be able to deliver different projects
that will make Shannon a better place in which to live, learn, work and do business.

Our voluntary Directors, Derek Barrett, Kevin Thompstone, Eoin Hoctor, Risteard Crimmins, Leo Keohane, and Oliver Hurley have provided almost seven years of unwavering commitment and voluntary effort.

We will issue a comprehensive statement in the coming weeks, but it would be our intention to arrange an orderly wind up of the not-for-profit legal entity as soon as possible, under the direction and advice of our accountants, Grant Thornton. We will also intend to hold a public meeting so that the community are fully briefed on actions taken over the lifetime of the project, funds raised and how they were used, potential use of assets developed, lessons learned and next steps.

We have prepared a document The Shannon Venue Situation Review November 2018 to summarise and
brief everyone on the journey taken from February 2012 to November 2018. This is available on our
Facebook and web pages.