The Shannon Venue, the new iconic, debt-free, multifunctional civic and arts centre planned for Shannon, is well on the way to meeting its target of raising €1m by the end of 2013, enabling it to move closer to the planning permission phase.

Shannon-based Ei Electronics has committed significant funding to the project, and in so doing, becomes the first company to make a financial commitment to this very progressive cultural undertaking for Shannon.

Thanking Ei Electronics’ managing director, Mick Guinee, for his credence in the concept, project team member, Derek Barrett said ‘’An absolute belief in the need for a facility of this nature in the town, and its accruing benefits to employees and residents alike, propelled the directors of Ei Electronics, to buy into the concept and show support for the project.

‘’We are delighted that a company such as Ei Electronics has seen the potential in ‘The Shannon Venue’ and the impact it will have on the town and its community. Ei Electronics has been a significant employer in Shannon for the last fifty years and it continues to grow and develop. The Company wants the town in which it does business to do the same. ‘The Shannon Venue’ will also benefit the employees of Ei Electronics both socially and culturally’’, added Mr. Barrett.

Ei Electronics’ managing director Mick Guinee said: ‘’It is appropriate, as we celebrate 50 years in business in Shannon, in 2013, that Ei Electronics should give the lead to the corporate sector by making a significant contribution to the funding of ‘The Shannon Venue’. The majority of our employees come from Shannon and the environs and I believe that the proposed multi-functional civic and arts centre will enrich the lives of these people and their families. A town, the size of Shannon, deserves such a facility and the fact that it is multi-functional means it can benefit everyone in the community. Ei Electronics is delighted to support this worthy project. I commend the people who initiated it and I sincerely hope they will bring it to fruition.’’

The Shannon Venue Ltd., promoters have had successful meetings with several companies and individuals in the Shannon area, and are confident that the initial €1m funding target by the end of 2013 will be met.