The Shannon Venue Ltd, is a not for profit group with a primary focus of delivering and operating a multi-functional Community, Civic and Arts Centre for the people of Shannon. We have been chosen as the preferred developer for the town centre site by Shannon Development, through their public procurement process. We are now entering a phase of public consultation and fundraising..

Events to Date


Below is a gallery of letters of supports from across our community. Pledge your support.


Below is a list of all our sponsors to date. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this project.


We very much appreciate your donations. If you would like to donate to this project by buying a brick or a seat please do so below. For large donations and sponsorship opportunities please contact us through our contact form.

You can donate by credit or debit card by clicking here DONATE NOW or you can send a cheque to address below. All cheques should be made payable to The Shannon Venue Ltd. Donations will be receipted and a list of all donations will be recorded and retained by our auditors Grant Thornton.


Supporters and Volunteers

Please fill in this form if you are interested in helping out with this project.

Please forward any donations to:

The Shannon Venue Limited
c/o Peach House
Shannon Town Centre
County Clare.

Our bank account is with Ulster Bank in Shannon.

Account Name: The Shannon Venue Limited
Sort Code: 98-62-50
Bonus Access A/c No. 10633086

With regard to donations generally, while these are non-refundable, donors are referred to paragraph 7 of our Memorandum of Association (See FAQ’s ). The Shannon Venue Limited is more than willing to engage with individual donors who wish to attach conditions to substantial donations.

Fundraising FAQ’s

Where are you going to get the money?
We need to exhaust all avenues. We will approach everyone…… The National Lottery, The Arts Council, The County Council, Leader Programme and philanthropic foundations. We would place a strong emphasis on targeting Corporations based in Shannon to use this project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate. There will also be public funding opportunities.

If the project does not go ahead, what happens to the money already collected?
There will obviously be significant expenditure, in terms of professional fees accrued in the design, submission of plans and the granting of planning permission. These will not be recoverable.

Should The Shannon Venue ltd not achieve its main objective, the company will be wound up. Any Assets and/or funds remaining in the Company, will be passed on to a charity or institution with similar objectives.

Extract from the Memorandum & Articles of Association

‘If upon the winding or dissolution of The Company there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Company but shall be given or transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having main objects similar to the main object(s) of the Company’


How will you account for the money collected in the fundraising drive?

A register of all donations, contributions, loans and financial commitments will be retained by our auditors.  The Board will be appointing company auditors over the coming weeks.


I want to make a donation – how do I do this?

Donations by way of cheques, can be made out to The Shannon Venue Limited, at any time.  These donations, which are unconditional and not refundable will be receipted. Electronic payments can be made directly to the Company bank account.

Our bank account is with Ulster Bank in Shannon.

Account Name: The Shannon Venue Limited
Sort Code: 98-62-50
Bonus Access A/c No. 10633086

(Please insert your name as reference)


What are the levels of Donations you are considering?

We will be happy to accept donations of any size.  But we are planning to introduce the following fundraising schemes:

  • A virtual wall block – €50 – This will appear on-line, and your profile pic or message will be displayed on a website
  • Buy-a-Brick – €250 –  This will displayed in the Venue.  You will receive a certificate and brick location details
  • A Stepping Stone – €500 – This will be part of a walkway where your name will be displayed.  ‘A Walk of Fame’
  • Sponsor-a-Seat – €1000 –  The Theatre Seat will have your name displayed on it (for the life of the seat) 100 seats on release


General FAQ’s

When will The Shannon Venue happen?

We are looking at 2017.  An ambitious timeline, but achievable if fundraising targets and other milestones are met.


Is this a private venture?

No.  This is a not for profit initiative.  A company has been formed to deliver a multi-function Civic & Arts Centre for Shannon and its community.  The Shannon Venue Ltd will apply for Charitable Status.


Will this not compete with other public & private facilities in Shannon – e.g. Leisure Centre, Schools, Hotels?

We aim to complement existing services, businesses and tourism products in the area, believing the project will grow the market and not displace existing activities. We have had meetings with a number groups, businesses and facilities within the town, and they all agree that this will be good for the town and ultimately good for their core activities.  Schools, hotels etc., have had to facilitate community groups purely because of the lack of facilities in the town.  Hotels would be happiest having their beds, restaurants and bars full of guests.  The two secondary schools in Shannon have also expressed an interest in using The Venue for Shows and workshops for their students and have provided letters of support to The Shannon Venue.


It is important to remember this project is a not for profit venture, for the community.  This facility will be fit for purpose and will bring the town together for a variety of events and activities and give people a renewed sense of place, purpose and community.


What are you guys getting out of this?

Nothing!  We are involved in this project for the public good, in the hope that it will help the town, its residents and its visitors.


How can you be sure that this is viable and sustainable long-term?

Following on from a detailed benchmarking exercise (over 15 facilities) we believe it will be viable based on 3 key factors.

  • The Venue will be debt free when it opens its doors, giving the venture a real chance.
  • The Venue will have flexible multi use facilities, which can accommodate many different groups simultaneously.
  • The Venue will operate a lean, cost focused model. 


I want to support and help – what do I do?

 Initially, we need everyone to promote the project and spread the word about what is about to happen in Shannon. Friends, family, work colleagues and employers need to know about this project. Discuss the concept, and whenever possible make the introduction for us, and we’ll take it from there.   When the fundraising kicks off, we will need all hands on deck to help achieve our fundraising targets.  Ideas are welcome!


Did you know every US President since JFK has landed at Shannon Airport?