A Community, Civic, Cultural & Interpretative Centre for Shannon

Who We Are

The Shannon Venue Ltd, is a not for profit group with the primary focus of delivering and operating a multi-functional Community, Civic and Arts Centre for the people of Shannon. This is a new and exciting opportunity for the town. When delivered we believe it will, in social and cultural terms, become a focal point for its residents, its employees, its industry and its visitors. It will give a renewed sense of place, purpose and community.

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Our aim is to provide a debt free facility. All our research has shown that this is vital for future long term sustainability. We are looking to raise €8m. A big number and a big challenge, but it can be done. We already have significant commitments from local businesses and with a concerted and sustained effort by the community, we believe it is very achievable.



Did you know

every US President since JFK has landed at Shannon Airport?